Stop Smoking

Being an ex-smoker, I know how hard it can be to get rid of all those messages, beliefs and games that the subconscious mind uses to keep you stuck in bad habits. By targeting change both on the conscious level and subconscious level through hypnotherapy, NLP and practical strategies and techniques you can quit your smoking habit and save your life!

Smoking is a Threefold Addiction

1)  Physical addiction:
Nicotine is a powerful drug that acts directly on the receptors in your brain.  These receptors are stimulated by nicotine, resulting in several different physiological responses including elevated heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and increased mental alertness.   The longer you ingest nicotine, the more of these receptors you develop.  Over time, these receptors become less sensitive to nicotine and begin to need increased doses to achieve the same level of stimulation.  When you try to stop smoking, feelings of intense discomfort (withdrawal) will occur.

2)  Emotional addiction:
The emotional connection to smoking is often as strong as the physical dependence upon nicotine.  There are a variety of reasons why people smoke, but one of the most common reasons that develops over time is an emotional “crutch”. Many smokers use smoking as a coping mechanism for feelings like anger, frustration, boredom, stress and sadness that they don’t know how to deal with otherwise.  Rather than processing their emotions, they reach for a cigarette and distract themselves from it.

3)  Psychological addiction:
Still another powerful connection to smoking results from the physical act itself: psychological dependence.  Since most smokers smoke many times in a day for years at a time, they get very comfortable with the act of smoking, always having a cigarette, cigar or pipe in their hand and mouth.  Even if a person is successful in reducing physical cravings and dealing with their emotions, they still may struggle with a sense of loss or aimlessness.  The activity that used to occupy so much of their time and attention every day is now gone and they don’t quite know what to do with themselves.


Stop Smoking Success Progam

Have you tried to stop smoking a thousand times only to give in a day, week or month later? Have you grown to hate the smoking habit and you just can’t understand why you can’t stop once and for all? Are you worried about your health and all the money you are wasting?

If you’re ready and committed to follow a process that will help you to quit for good, this is the answer for you!!

THE 4 Session Program includes:

The 7 Stages to Change

Identify Your Top Triggers

How to Replace your Bad Habits with Good Habits

Tips and Tricks to manage your cravings and withdrawals

Change your connection to the smoking ritual through powerful NLP (mind) techniques

Hypnotherapy sessions to access the negative messages in the subconscious mind

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