• Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Counselling to help you Feel the Change!

    Are those old, negative habits still getting in your way? You’re probably sick and tired of feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and burnt out! You’ve tried a few different things but nothing seems to work. Perhaps you know all the things you ‘should’ do but you just can’t get motivated to do them! The days and years are rolling on by and nothing changes.

    But there’s something inside you that says don’t give up, keep on trying. You know deep down inside there has to be something better. There has to be a solution. You are so ready for a change!

    You want change and you want it fast.  You are tired of thinking about what you want and not being able to get there.  Those negative thoughts and habits keep getting in your way and you just want to be free of them once and for all.


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    The Life Makeovers Programs are that change.

    Fast, effective change through Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Counselling therapies and techniques. Imagine how relieved you will be to finally release that old pain. Imagine how good it will be to feel happy, confident and in control of your life.

    I have helped thousands of people to create new positive habits and lifestyle change to reach their goals. It’s your time to feel happier, motivated and free! The Life Makeovers Programs can target any issue such as weight, anxiety, phobias, stress, confidence, relationships, smoking, sports enhancement, life direction, career clarity, assertive communication and more.


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